Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting (also known as Chuchotage)



Translating – if it's not done right – can be a risky business.

As well as words that have multiple meanings, there are also cultural connotations with certain phrases that can have an adverse effect on the message you're trying to communicate. Similarly, there's the risk that your intended meaning will be lost if you attempt to directly translate from one language to another, as the task is rarely a simple case of swapping words from the mother tongue into its target equivalent, or vice-versa. Read More

Whispered Interpreting

(also known as Chuchotage)

Rosetta Translation offers a full range of interpreting services to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a conference interpreted simultaneously or a business meeting interpreted consecutively, we have the right interpreter for your needs.

What is whispered interpreting?

Whispered simultaneous interpreting, sometimes called Chuchotage [shoo-shoh-tazh] after the French for ‘whispering’, is small-scale simultaneous interpreting.

A simultaneous interpreter is allocated to a very small group, and translates what is being said simultaneously in a whisper, so as not to interfere with the conference or meeting. Because it is so non-intrusive, this type of interpreting is becoming increasingly popular.

For whispered simultaneous interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters usually only work into their mother tongue.

Who is whispered interpreting useful for?

Chuchotage can be used when the target audience, who do not understand the source language, is small (fewer than 4).

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