Translating – if it's not done right – can be a risky business.

As well as words that have multiple meanings, there are also cultural connotations with certain phrases that can have an adverse effect on the message you're trying to communicate. Similarly, there's the risk that your intended meaning will be lost if you attempt to directly translate from one language to another, as the task is rarely a simple case of swapping words from the mother tongue into its target equivalent, or vice-versa. Read More


Interpreting Services In Shanghai, China

Rosetta Translation Shanghai offers a complete range of interpreting services in Shanghai, Beijing and throughout China to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you need a conference interpreted simultaneously or a business meeting interpreted consecutively, we have the right interpreter in our team for your interpreting needs in China.

Shanghai Interpreting Agency

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Interpreting (also referred to as interpretation, spoken translation or oral translation) can be conducted in a number of different ways, to suit different types of situations.

Types of Interpreting Services

We offer the following types of interpreting services between Chinese and English, as well as into and out of all European and all major world languages. Click on one of the modes of interpreting, below, to find out whether it suits your requirements.

Simultaneous Interpreting Behind-the-scenes, real-time interpreting for conferences, large meetings and high-level official talks.
Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting (also known as Chuchotage) In-audience real-time interpreting for an individual or small group of people who require interpreting into their mother language. Done at a whisper, with the interpreter sitting amongst the target audience.
Consecutive Interpreting Small and medium-sized group interpreting. The interpreter stands with the speaker and translates either a whole sentence at a time, from their notes, or more manageable portions (often called “chunking”).
Telephone Interpreting Our more flexible service: a three- (or more-) way telephone conversation, with interpreters translating a sentence or two at a time.
Liaison Interpreting Suitable for less formal meetings between a small number of people, or perhaps as an escort for someone visiting a country whose language they do not speak.