Translation Expertise



Translating – if it's not done right – can be a risky business.

As well as words that have multiple meanings, there are also cultural connotations with certain phrases that can have an adverse effect on the message you're trying to communicate. Similarly, there's the risk that your intended meaning will be lost if you attempt to directly translate from one language to another, as the task is rarely a simple case of swapping words from the mother tongue into its target equivalent, or vice-versa. Read More


Clients value our 6 key attributes, which, taken together, give us a decisive edge in the increasingly competitive translation market:


Most professional translators are generalists. They are proficient in translating general ‘business’ documents, but they usually struggle with more technical or complex documents. Texts requiring a deeper knowledge of a particular industry, industry specific terminology, complex theories and quantitative expressions present a considerable challenge to the translators.

We have resolved this issue by first analysing the specific technical and linguistic requirements for each document (e.g. legal translation related to civil engineering). We then put together a team of qualified translators, proofreaders and editors that best matches the specific requirements of that particular document.

This process gives us a significant competitive edge in completing even the most specialised translation requests to the complete satisfaction our clients.

We have particular expertise in the following areas:

Translation Technology

Our state-of-the-art translation technology benefits our clients through:

  • Dramatically reduced revision time by client-internal staff . Our use of ‘translation memory’ guarantees that previous client revisions of earlier translations are ‘remembered’ and immediately integrated into subsequent work.
  • Consistency in all company communications . The same multilingual terminology is used consistently over time in all media, thereby providing your customers with a stronger and sharper message about your company.
  • Direct cost savings for translations. The development of a client-specific translation database accelerates translation of later documents. We pass the resulting savings on to our clients.

Integrated Language Services

Rosetta offer a complete spectrum of language solutions for our clients, which allows them to outsource all their language needs so that they can concentrate on their actual core business. Our services – beyond translation – include multilingual data processing and management services, all areas of print pre-processing and printing.

Project Management

A single project manager is assigned to your company, who manages all phases of each of your projects, from planning and scheduling through to quality assurance and returning the translated material back to you on time. We provide customised solutions from the source documents all the way through camera-ready translations to finished printed products in multiple target languages.

Quality Assurance Process

All our translation assignments are subject to the strictest quality assurance cycle to consistently guarantee the high standards that our clients have come to expect from our company. This process involves translation by an experienced highly qualified translator, independent proofreading by an industry expert, feedback by the client and a final round of amendments on the basis of that feedback. As a consequence, our clients are assured of getting the same consistently high-quality translation for each translation they commission.


We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of all our engagements, given the highly competitive and proprietary nature of many of the documents we deal with. Find out more about the specific steps we can take in individual cases to safeguard confidentiality.